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Comments:Dr Luther is great, he did a wonderful job on my daughters teeth, we even had another dds say whoever did your daughters teeth work did a fantastic job. But it didn't stop there, my daughter needed in plants but he sat me down and told me you have to make sure to go to someone very good since your daughter needs gum work also. He referred me to Dr. Brown, I can never thank him enough, after a visit to Dr Brown we found out she was missing lots of her bone and needed surgery to build a whole new bone. If I would of just went to anyone I strongly feel my daughter would not of got the work done the correct way. I am forever grateful for Dr Luther not only for his fantastic work but caring enough about his patient to get them to the right place for further work.
Visit Date:7/8/2013
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Visit Date:12/14/2012
Comments:My older son, Matthew, now in college, has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Luther and his wonderful staff….Now, we have Timothy visiting and excited to see the results also…he still has a year or so to go, but I know he will look amazing when he gets his braces off…Not-so-straight teeth run in both sides of their families, so it's no wonder orthodontic work was needed…Thank you for taking the boys as patients! You and your staff show us lots of patience!!!
Visit Date:10/11/2012
Name:Sofia Padilla-Casto, D.C.
Comments:I am so pleased with the excellent staff at Dr. Luther's office, with their flexibilty with my schedule, friendliness, professionalism and efficiency. Dr. Luther is an absolute wonderful easy going doctor who really cares about his patients. I am a happy patient!
Visit Date:10/11/2012
Comments:I feel so lucky to have found your office! When I arrive with my children to your office I am always greeted with a warm smile & a happy hello. The office is always clean & child friendly! We never have to wait to be seen! The staff is very organized & is never too busy to help you with any questions! Dr. Luther has taken excellent care of my son and always treats him like a person & not just a patient! This office runs well because you truly care for the people who come into your office! You have all worked hard to help us & you have always followed up with me! I'm so grateful! Thank you!
Visit Date:10/11/2012
Comments:I have to say I am very impressed with the friendly & upbeat staff as well as the willingness to go above and beyond to see my daughter receives the treatment she needs as a new patient. Very happy to have been referred to Dr. Luther.
Visit Date:10/1/2012
Comments:Dr luther has really done a great job, and his staff Brenda Modesta and Sheilla are very capable and traet their patients with respect and care. Plus, they will take split payments or other payment arrangements, in case you're in a mid month crisis;) Thanks to all, we will definately continue to be loyal patients!!!
Visit Date:9/30/2012
Comments:My son has been going to your office since he was 8, and now he's 12. I love Dr. Luther and his staff, they always make us feel comfortable and welcome, especially Marisol. My son will be getting his braces off in a couple months and I can't wait to see his perfect smile! Thanks everyone!
Visit Date:9/30/2012
Comments:I was told about Dr, Luther from my sons girfriend, I told her your teethare so perfect, she told me go to Dr Luther. I had 2 sons that had a diffrent Dr. and nothing compares, I cant wait to see my daughters teeth when shes all done.
Visit Date:9/28/2012
Comments:I must say that Dr Luther is the best Orthodontist around! He has taken care of me and my son's teeth since we moved to California! He's not only a great doctor that makes our teeth look great but he's also a very caring person! Plus the staff is great! I give this office 5 stars!!
Visit Date:9/15/2012
Comments:My son has been under the care of Dr. Luther for a year now. I went to 6 other orthodontic offices for consults. Dr. Luther wasn’t the cheapest or the most expensive. I didn’t want to go with the cheapest cause of the saying “you get what you pay for.” I chose his office mainly based on the friendliness of his staff and it seemed that he had genuine care for the patients. Where as I noticed at our other consults, that those offices were money driven first. So now we are a year into treatment and my son’s mouth already looks great. We are amazed how good it is looking so far. I’m glad I went with my gut on picking an office. They are all so nice. You never get stuck in the waiting room because they never overbook. I have to Sheila, she is the nicest person in a medical office I have ever met. She will turn on the TV to accommodate younger siblings; we have a 4 yr old. No one on staff ever seems to get irritated with all of the younger sibling that are brought into the office. Dr. Luther is very nice and polite. He will take the time to talk to parents when they have question and he explains everything so you can understand, none of this medical mumbo jumbo. As well as make a point to just say HI. I am always telling my friends and neighbor to go to his office when they ask about ortho care.
Visit Date:9/6/2012
Comments:Hi, I was referred to Dr Luther, from my sons girlfriend she has the most amazing smile. my sons has 2 diffrent orthodontics, and was willing to try another Dr, The results are looking amazing so far. Glad we went to him.
Visit Date:9/4/2012
Comments:The staff has been great. I have been going to Dr. Luther's office for a year and a half and have observed positive results with my teeth. When I have had small emergencies with my braces, I have been taken in immediately and taken care of. I look forward to seeing the final results.
Visit Date:9/1/2012
Name:Jennifer Ramirez
Comments:Dr. Luther and his staff have been amazing! My son is always treated awesome and the girls in the back are really friendly and always helpful with answering questions and they are are always smiling! We love you guys.. I just wish we had known about you with my other two boys!! Thanks!
Visit Date:9/1/2012
Location:Lake Elsinore, CA
Comments:I have been waiting to get braces for a long time. I was very hesitant but Dr. Luther and his staff have changed that. They are really honest and genuinly caring.
Visit Date:5/17/2012
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